About Latrena

Latrena  is a 31 year old native of Texas, born and raised in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. She is the second born of 3 girls to George and Karen Smith. She is  a graduate of the The University of Texas at Arlington where she obtained a BBA in Business Management. Latrena is also a member of the illustrious, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Incorporated. The past 3 years of her  professional career have been spent working as a Contract Specialist for General Services Administration (GSA). Some of Latrena's favorite past times are, spending time with her family, shopping, attending sporting events and dining out and trying new cuisine.

About Salim

Salim is 31 years old and originally from Albany, NY. He is the last of three children born to Dennis and Sharon Holder. He is a graduate of Hampton University where he obtained a BS in Marketing and also earned an MBA from the University of Rochester. Salim  has been a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity Incorporated for nearly ten years. He is currently working in Marketing for Prestige Brands. Some of Salim's favorite past times are, listening to music, djing, going to the movies and volunteering.

How they met

Salim and Latrena met in May of 2010 at a Tex-Mex restaurant in Arlington, TX called Gloria's. Salim came to Texas that weekend to look for an apartment before making his transition from Appleton, WI to Dallas, TX for work. He was headed out to dinner with one of his line brothers, Christopher Walker to meet his friend, Tiffanie,  who just so happen to be Latrena's best friend.  Tiffanie, in learning of another male invited guest called Latrena insisting that she join her so that she would not be alone. Latrena agreed to join Tiffanie for dinner and that is when Salim and Latrena met for the very first time. They instantly hit it off at dinner and before leaving for the night Salim had asked Latrena if she could be his official tour guide and help acclimate him to the city once he returned back to Dallas. Latrena agreed and the rest is history!!!

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